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Thoughts on Thoughts
Released Dec 2018
Limited signed and numbered Pro-CD $15 (free US shipping)
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Streams & Stairwells
Released in 2006
CD-R’s $9 (free US shipping)
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Notes from my Wounds
Released in 2006
Professionally replicated CD’s $12 (free US shipping)
Includes 4 page booklet with art and photos
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Also appears on:

Willi Jones “Santa Ana” Produced by Niko Bolas – Laúd spanish guitar

Groovalution by Christine McCully & Roland Alvarez – guitar, bass, drum programming

King Elizabeth – producing, guitar, bass, drum programming

100 Fires “Dragons in the Sky” – additional guitar

100 Fires “By Reason or by Scorn” – additional guitar

Jon Bon Jovi “Young Guns II soundtrack” – hand claps

Former bands:

The Runners, Exit 5, Juscurious, The Set, NoTV, Live Wire