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Roland Alvarez  is a producer, engineer, classical guitarist, artist and maker of Cuban Coladas.  He grew up in Miami with Cuban-American parents and has recently returned his studio Colada Mix Audio to Los Angeles.

With over 30 years in the industry, he has engineered on Gold and Platinum records, as well as Grammy, Oscar and Emmy nominated productions.

As a child, he studied classical guitar and has released 3 records since.  All are available on most streaming services like AppleMusic, Spotify and Pandora.  If you’re into CD’s, they can be ordered direct here.

In college, he majored in fine arts with a focus on photography and painting. His creativity has shown up on album covers, websites, logos and t-shirts.

His audio career has spanned mastering, recording, mixing, TV audio, sound design, studio design, forensic noise reduction using a hybrid of Avid Pro Tools and classic sounding analog equipment.

His music clients include Neil Young, Moby, Marcus Miller, Stephen Stills, and Better Than Ezra.

His TV clients include Discovery Ch, HBO, AMC, MGM, Travel Ch, Sony, VW, and Wyndham Hotels.

Also the founder of Sinical Records, an independent record label established to release the latest album and concert video for Nuclear Valdez as well as helping out other indie artists like King Elizabeth, Christine McCully and Vera Icon.

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